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Driver Leads CHP on High Speed Chase and Flees on Foot

A high speed chase ended with the driver fleeing from the CHP. Officer Cindy Morgan says Officers saw a car driving at a high rate of speed on Red Dog Road early Tuesday morning. Officer Morgan says the CHP officers got behind the car as it was going eighty miles an hour on the narrow windy road. When the officers turned on their red light the driver tried to increase the speed of the car even faster.

“When the officer activated his emergency red lights, the Mazda driver decided to take off even faster, got up to about 85 miles per hour, couldn’t maintain control, dove into a residential driveway and took footbound.”

Officers were questioning the three passengers in the car. The driver has been identified as 29 year old Isaac Marsh of Grass Valley. Officer Morgan says Marsh currently has over 25 thousand dollars in warrants for his arrest, and has his driver’s license revoked.


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