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Driver Leaves Car on Fire

Cal Fire, Nevada City Police Dept., and CHP responded to a reported vehicle fire shortly before 8 o’clock yesterday morning on Coyote Street and Highway 49. Battalion Chief Tom Browning came upon a vehicle fire, reported the fire and attempted to contain it with fire extinguishers. 

“It looked like an engine compartment fire because the air cleaner was taken out and it was burned. So it probably started as a carburetor fire and he was unable to extinguish it, it got to the gas lines and spread and the guy just took off.”

The vehicle did not have current registration and the occupant left the scene before the Fire Department arrived. Personnel from Station 84 on Coyote Street were not in quarters but working a wild land fire near the Five Mile House. Nevada City Police department took the vehicle into custody and are working to determine the owner of the vehicle and the circumstances behind it being abandoned and on fire.

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