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Driveway Dispute results in indecent Exposure Charge

Sunday Afternoon   Nevada County Sheriff’s got a call of an incident that occurred in the 11 thousand block of Willow Valley Road. Sheriff Keith Royal says two residences share a driveway at that location and   as one man was returning home and  expressed frustration in finding  the driveway blocked,   the man’s neighbor, 49 year old Kevin Calahan responded by allegedly exposing himself in an antagonizing fashion.

“Apparently our victim indicated that he approached our suspect and asked why the car was blocking their shared driveway and garage area and at that point in time he was wearing a robe. He opened the robe, grabbed himself and made a few choice comments which led to us being called and we responded.”

Calahan was cited and released at the scene for indecent exposure.  A woman who was with the suspect, 32 year old Misty Navo was found to have a warrant for her arrest for being under the influence and driving under a suspended license, she was also cited and released in the field. 


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