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Drone Protesters Will Not Get Jury Trial

Five protesters who oppose the policy of using drones and who are charged with trespassing at Beale Air Force Base were told Thursday by a federal judge that they will not get a jury trial.  Defendant  Shirley Osgood, 65, of Grass Valley, says the defendants are seeking a jury trial because of the potential maximum punishment.
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Additional penalties could also include of a year of supervised release and a $5,000 fine, or five years on probation.

In court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicholas Fogg assured U.S. Magistrate Judge Carolyn K. Delaney, he will not seek incarceration, supervised release, or special conditions of probation if any defendant is found guilty.
Judge Delaney said, based on U.S. Supreme Court precedent, the crime is not serious enough for the defendants to be judged by their peers.

An Aug. 12 trial before Delaney is scheduled for Sharon Delgado, 64, of Nevada City; David Hartsough, 72, and his wife, Janet Hartsough, 71, of San Francisco; Jane Kesselman, 58, of Camptonville, and Shirley Osgood, 65, of Grass Valley.

Osgood and company were protesting at Beale AFB which is home to the U-2 Spy Plane, and the unmanned Global Hawk, an unarmed reconnaissance drone that is an “accomplice” in strikes carried out by armed drones.

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