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Drought Brings Out Hungry Bears

Sightings of Bears and other wildlife seem to be on the increase in Nevada County and one reason for that may be the drought. Animals are having to search farther for food and water. California Department of Fish and Wildlife specialist Carol Singlton says they can sniff out food from a long distance away.*

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Careless campers and residents who fail to secure their garbage can also cause problems. The scent of trash, particularly leftover food scraps, will lure bears out of the woods. They are likely to return again and again in search of an easy meal. *

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One easy way to keep bears away from trash is to spray it with concentrated Ammonia. Singleton says there are also Many products on the market to secure your home from bear intruders.*

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Although these periods of drought can be stressful for animals, they are also a natural part of ecological systems that regulates their numbers. Well -intentioned residents who set out food for wild animals are actually doing them no favors. Singleton says both deer and bear are considered “big game” mammals and it is against state law to feed them. A citation could lead to hefty fines and jail time.

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