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Drug Free Nevada County Launches COMMITTED Campaign

The Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County is preparing to launch a new awareness campaign to discourage underage drinking, and do it in a positive way. CoRR Development Director, Ariel King Lovett says it’s called the Committed Campaign, and the focus is to promote the idea of embracing a healthy lifestyle and committing to it.  There will be messages targeted   for different sectors with some presented by youth Athletes and musicians, some by families and some by professional athletes like Ted Popson of the 49ers. Lovett says Popson’s message says “Bright futures and Super Bowl championships don’t come in a bottle.” Tackle underage Drinking. Be Committed. “

“You’ll be seeing that a lot in theaters, on buses, radio, print; we’re going to have a billboard, actually, on 49. So launching that as we launch our next five years of the Drug Free Communities grant.”

Lovett says there is a merchant’s campaign as well for those merchants who do carry tobacco or alcohol to commit to insuring their products do not reach underage youth.

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