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Drugged Driving more Prevalent than Drinking and Driving

We all know drinking and driving is bad, but a new survey suggests that many drivers are under the influence of other drugs.

Click here to listen to Chris Cochran

That’s Chris Cochran, who is the Assistant Director for the state Office of Traffic Safety. The O-T-S study showed 14 percent, or one in seven drivers were under the influence of drugs, while just 7 percent had alcohol in their system. It was a voluntary survey, where over 13-hundred drivers consented to either breath or saliva samples. Cochran says the tests can show what drugs are in their system- but not the amount.

Click here to listen to Chris Cochran


According to numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 30 percent of drivers who were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2010 tested positive for legal or illegal drugs.

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