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Drunk Girlfriend Assaults Man and Steals his Car

A Nevada City woman is under arrest after stealing her ex boyfriend’s car. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says the incident started early Saturday morning when the victim was providing a ride home for 22 year old Brittany Parsons. The woman decided to get out of the car as it was traveling at a high rate of speed, on Highway 49 near Brewer Road. The Sheriff says an altercation started.

“He ultimately pulls over to the side of the road. She pulls his hair and punches him in the face several times. In defense of himself, he hits her once in the face to stop her. He gets out of the vehicle and attempts to call 911. As he’s dialing 911, his drunk girlfriend gets in the driver’s seat and takes off in his car.”

Parson was taken into custody at her home she was charged with suspicion of a stolen vehicle and domestic violence. Deputies were able to locate several clumps of the victim’s hair through the car.

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