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DUI Injury Accident on McCourtney Road Early Thursday

A couple suffers internal injuries in an early morning high speed collision on McCourtney Road. The collision occurred around 4:30 this morning. CHP Officer Greg Tassone tells KNCO that the vehicle was traveling westbound near Patterson Valley Road when it entered a large sweeping left hand curve.

Click here to listen to CHP Officer Greg Tassone

The impact causing major damage to the frame intruding into the passenger compartment. Tassone says it was fortunate that the vehicle contained satellite tracking technology.

Click here to listen to CHP Officer Greg Tassone

CHP, Fire, Sheriff, and medical personnel all responded to the incident. The driver and passenger were airlifted to Sutter Roseville Medical Center. Both the driver and passenger had been consuming alcohol with initial reports of the driver over .10. The accident remains under investigation.

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