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Durham Announces Bus Driver of the Month

Durham School Services which operates 51 routes between Grass Valley and Auburn is launching a new program to pay tribute to outstanding bus drivers.  Durham School Services General Manager Paul Bracco says they will acknowledge an Employee of the Month and share with the community who that person is.
click to hear Paul Bracco
Bracco says Michelle is a very dedicated employee who will always go the extra mile, thinks of others before herself,.  has a fantastic work ethic and her kids on the bus love her, and the principals, teachers and parents highly respect her.    Michelle Kohler has been with Durham School Services for just over three years.
Durham’s Safety and Training Officer, David Brose says it takes a special person to muscle a 40 foot bus around downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City.
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Brose says it takes about two months of rigorous training to become a school bus driver.  Technically it’s a very difficult job and the stress level is very high, and they are constantly recruiting as only about 2 out of 10 applicants actually become bus drivers.

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