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DV Arrest Following Hit and Run

A male suspect arrested after assaulting his girlfriend following a verbal argument. The couple began fighting while driving in a car in the area of Ophir and Bennett Streets in Grass Valley. Sheriff Keith Royal says the couple was arguing about relationship issues and money when 42 year old Shawn Andrews-McFarland attacked the female.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

While fleeing the hit and run scene, McFarland passes two sheriff deputies traveling in the opposite direction and panics, again driving recklessly. The female is able to get away from McFarland when they stop at residence on St Ledger Forest Road. The victim flags down a passerby who picks her up on Idaho-Maryland and take her to place where she can call law enforcement.

Deputies then attempt to contact the suspect at the residence on St Ledger Forest Road. Law Enforcement, familiar with the suspect’s behavior, fully expect him to run when they arrive a the residence.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

McFarland was charged with Domestic Violence and also false imprisonment.

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