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DVSAC Offers New Series of Volunteer Training

The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition is announcing a new series of training classes for people interested in becoming Crisis Counselors, group leaders or volunteering in prevention programs in the schools. No prior experience is necessary. and DVSAC Executive Director Niko Johnson says a lot of the topics covered in the 8 week training deal with  the philosophy behind domestic violence and sexual violence, and there are several guest speakers.


“So law enforcement comes and talks about how they help end violence in our community, we have the D.A. come in and talk, we have medical providers come in and  talk, people in the community that interface not necessarily in our organization but out in the community talk about what their role is in ending violence in our community.”


Training classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings and every other Saturday with the next 8 week training session beginning September 20th.  For information on the training call Sheri at the DVSAC Office 272-2046.

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