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Early Morning Traffic Delays Though Penn Valley

Some early morning commuters through Penn Valley were delayed as a result of Caltrans roadwork. Spokesperson Rochelle Jenkins says the repaving project has traffic control signs in place at each end of the project.
Click here to listen to Spokesperson Rochelle Jenkins

One-way traffic controls are in place during night time construction projects on Highway 20 through Penn Valley. These controls can be in place as early as 5:00 PM and stay in place until 8:00 AM Monday thorough Friday. Last night and early this morning impatient drivers not willing to follow the controls caused additional delays.
Click here to listen to Rochelle Jenkins

An additional delay occurred this morning when a driver failed to comply with te traffic controls.
Click here to listen to Rochelle Jenkins

Jenkins says the Penn Valley work should be completed with the week and then move farther up the highway.

Work will continue on Highway 20 through Uren Street in Nevada City throughout the summer, but work will not begin until 11:00 PM during the Nevada County Fair.

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July 31, 2013

LWW resident

The road work is ridiculous! No reason for them turning off the traffic signals during morning rush hour traffic. Cars were backed up from HWY 20 all the way past Holiday Market. It was terrible!

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