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Election Results Final; No Changes

All of the votes have been counted in Nevada County from the June 3 election. The canvass is complete, the provisional ballots have been verified and tallied, and the voter logs reconciled. Nevada County Assistant Clerk-Recorder Sandra Sjoberg says no results were changed after the final count, and the percentage of the votes for each candidate didn’t change much either…

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Elections officials had until the end of the month to complete the canvass, but Sjoberg says they were done earlier, thanks in part to the pilot program of electronic registration, known as poll books…

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Even though all of the votes are counted, Sjoberg says there isn’t much time for her department to rest–they are already starting to gear up for the general election in November…

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A resolution will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors today (Thursday) to get certification on the agenda for their next meeting. The Board will certify the election on July 8.

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