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Emigrant Trail Easements Remain Closed for Now


A 166 year old trail that runs through three South County subdivisions will remain closed for up to 18 months to give the County planning department time to study the trail easements and determine if they can be constructed into a viable recreation trail.  In the 1970’s when the Golden Oaks, Lodestar and Sunshine Valley subdivisions were created the developer agreed to easements for a future public trail, but it was never formally built.  Supervisor Ed Scofield, represents the district.

“There is not a trail there. You would really have to search for all of those markers to know where the trails are. When you come in from Strawberry Valley, there is some semblance of what looks like the start of the trail. But very shortly, you have no idea where it is.

Some people believe the easements represent portions of the Emigrant trail and should be historically preserved.  Other people testified to the Board of Supervisors that they bought their property based on the availability of the trails and they want them to be re-opened.    The planning department was ordered to report back to the board in January.

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