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Engine Trouble Leads to CHP Arrests for Drug Related Charges

A stalled vehicle being pushed out of the roadway caught the eye of a CHP officer on routine patrol Tuesday afternoon. Officer Greg Tassone says the officer saw the Subaru Outback on Penn Valley Road near Highway 20 with its hazard lights flashing and approached to provide assistance. A woman was behind the wheel and a man was attempting to push the vehicle. The officer assisted getting the Subaru to the side of the road.
Click here to listen to Officer Greg Tassone

The officer performed an evaluation of both parties and found the male appeared to be under the influence of heroin, but the female did not appear to be. Upon searching the male additional heroin was located both on his person and in the vehicle.
Click here to listen to Officer Greg Tassone

Hubbard,-Lela1 Simmons,-Cory1Cory Simmons 28 and 23 year old Lela Hubbard were taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance, possession of more than an ounce of marijuana. and transporting marijuana for sale.

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