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Entrepreneurship on the Ridge

Founder of Sierra Commons  and business start-up consultant, Robert Trent will lead a workshop for the San Juan Ridge business community January 9th titled Building Economic Resiliency: The next wave of entrepreneurship on the Ridge.
click here to listen to Robert Trent
Trent says the goal is to explore the economic and social advantages that growing new, independent local businesses can bring to the San Juan Ridge.
click here to listen to Robert Trent

The group will also hear from some successful San Juan Ridge entrepreneurs, including Sagi Seagel of Sunlight Botanicals, Lars Ortegren of California Solar Electric Company, Pat Leach of RCD Engineering, John Tecklin of Mountain Bounty Farm and Samantha Hinrichs founder of Mud and Pearls.  The event is Thursday at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center From 6:30-8:30pm.   The event is Free but registration is required at http://robertxtrent.com/    or by calling 530 377-6495.

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