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ERC Adopts Growth Plan Initiatives

The Nevada County Economic Resource Council has adopted a plan that includes three initiatives to increase economic growth in the County. At Thursday morning’s ERC Board meeting, Executive Director Jon Gregory, presented the plan elements. The first initiative uses a couple of sports analogies and focuses on existing businesses in Nevada County.
Click here to listen to Jon Gregory

The second initiative involves targeting businesses outside of the area that may have a business or personal connection to the county and entice them to bring there business to the county.
Click here to listen to Jon Gregory

Gregory says the ideal sized company will have between 10 and 100 employees.

The third initiative is more of a competitive strategy, like the TV show Shark Tank, where 10 companies will be invited to compete for a business incentive award to relocate to Nevada County.
Click here to listen to Jon Gregory

The incentives, yet to be identified, would be significant enough to benefit relocating a company such as free marketing services, or free hotel rooms for a year.
The three strategies will be phased in over the next two years with the Fab 5 initiative beginning immediately.

The ERC Board voted unanimously to accept the Growth Plan and begin moving forward.

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