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ERC and County Social Services Team up for Jobs Plan

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors this week approved a new $40 thousand contract with the Economic Resource Council to attract, retain and grow businesses in the community.  Lisa Swarthout is the Chairman of the ERC and says the county’s contribution is critical to the ERC’s success.

“I will say that the 40,000 represents a significant component of our budget. Without that money we would definitely not be able to carry out the mission of the Nevada County Economic Resource Council.”

 Another element of the new contract could put more people to work and allow businesses to grow.  Swarthout explains the jobs component.

“One of the specific things is to be working with social services. They have a job sharing program where the county has some money that they will help employers hire people. So it’s a split between who the employer pays and what the county pays in wages with an eye on if that works out, the employee becomes a permanent part of the business.”

Swarthout says that gives businesses a leg up if they want to expand but can’t afford more wages, the county program will cover some of their payroll

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