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ERC Tours Chico Innovation Lab

The Nevada County Economic Resource Council is taking a very proactive approach to generate new businesses in the county by giving innovators the opportunity to present their business plan before a room of potential investors.  In preparation for the incubator event in Nevada County, set for November 17th at Sierra College, A group of ERC members and other interested parties traveled to Chico yesterday to tour the Chico Innovation Lab, which is already helping businesses with new innovative products to launch and grow. Grass Valley City Council member Lisa Swarthout is also Chairman of the Nevada County Economic Resource Council.

“It’s always a great opportunity to see what other communities are doing. I think that the concept of this incubator with the investors and the new businesses coming in, the entrepreneurship, it has a lot of promise.”

 Vice President of the Nevada County Business Association, Ed Sylvester was also on the tour and was encouraged by what he saw at the Chico Innovation Lab.

“I think this has been a unique opportunity to bring a lot of diverse people together. I mean, all people have the same goal in mind here. How are we going to sustain our economy? How are we going to deal with a very uncertain future? How do we generate more jobs? So we had an opportunity to see some rather innovative approaches taken in Chico and I when we get to the program it will be mid-November, but I think it will be a unique opportunity.”

Supervisor Ed Scofield was also on the tour and was encouraged by what he saw at the Chico Innovation Lab.

“I think there are a lot of similarities to the quality of job possibilities in Nevada County that we saw in Butte County. I think it’s something that needs to be pursued more so than perhaps we’re doing right now.”

The Economic Resource Council also believes Nevada County’s position to grow businesses and jobs is   increased by the  number of Hi Tech companies  that were launched in Nevada County and have   grown here .

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