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Errors Found in Airport Land Use

The Grass Valley City Council believes that the Airport Land Use Commission made errors in the process leading to the adoption, last month, of the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan.  City officials cite errors in the CEQA process and noticing of the public hearing where action was taken to adopt the plan.   Grass Valley City Administrator, Dan Holler, says the city is taking a lead on this issue because it affects land that is in the City’s Sphere of Influence under the General Plan.

“So it impacts Loma Rica, the airport area. It impacts the stuff adjacent like Loma Rica Drive. That whole area is within the city’s influence under the county’s current zoning requirement.”

 The last airport plan was adopted 24 years ago.   The new plan will reduce the density allowed for the Loma Rica Development the developer wants to build 108 residences around MacBoyle Lake, but the airport plan would reduce that to about 30 homes.   Businesses located around the Airport and land owners with plans to build could also be limited to what they can now do with their property. Holler says the city first will attempt to open a dialogue with the Airport land use commission before seeking legal action.

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