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Every 15 Minutes Program Funded for BRHS

Organizers for the Every 15 Minutes event at Bear River High School were getting nervous they would not be able to put on the program this year.
click to hear Patti Ehlers

That’s Bear River High School’s Student Activities organizer, Patti Ehlers who with CHP Officer Dina Hernandez started to ask the community for funding,  when another message came in.
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The grant is for $9,999  to put on the elaborate two day program that simulates a car crash and  challenges high school students to think about drinking, driving, personal safety and responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved.
click to hear Patti Ehlers
The program’s name was conceived in 1990 when one alcohol related traffic fatality occurred in the United States on average every 15 minutes. Now it’s closer to one every 30 minutes. This event will play out at Bear River High School the Thursday and Friday prior to Prom Night, May 18th.

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