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Ewing Ventures Presents Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude is a love story about living life on your own terms.  The play which was a 1971 movie is presented by Ewing ventures opening this Thursday at the Nevada Theatre. Producer Director Scott Ewing explains it’s a black comedy with lots of crazy stuff going on.

“It’s a great love story about living life on your own terms. A young man can’t get the attention of his mother and his father has died and he ends up going to funerals with a morose fascination there where he meets Maude who also goes to funerals for her own reason.”

Ewing says it has been interesting directing the cast of 15 characters as black humor is bizarre and this production of Harold and Maud will have winks and nods from people who have seen the movie as well as offer a little something different. The play runs March 1st through March 25th at the Nevada Theater with tickets online at Ewing ventures nc.com or by phone at 265-5462.

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