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Ex-Felon Arrested for Gun Ownership

A Grass Valley man says he really thought he could have guns in spite of his court convictions. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says Deputies went to a home on Nugget Lane Wednesday morning looking for a number of rifles and handgun owned by 35 year old Gregory Pelletier. The Sheriff says Deputies found Pelletier and a number of the firearms.

“He ultimately admitted that he did have some firearms, but he said that he was not an ex-felon and so he was entitled to own those weapons. Contrary to that, we did confirm with DOJ that he is an ex-felon. He does have a long history of contact with law enforcement because of drug charges and prior firearm charges.”

Several loaded rifles and handguns were taken as evidence. Pelletier was taken into custody for suspicion of an ex felon in possession of firearms and an ex felon in possession of ammunition. Pelletier also apparently admitted selling several firearms to private people.

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