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Explosives and Knife Found on Suspects at School

With an increase in vandalism around the High School in Grass Valley, Sheriff’s Deputies have been increasing patrols in the area. Thursday night deputies found a vehicle in the lower parking lot with the windows steamed up. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says Deputies made contact with the occupants who said they were checking an air filter in the vehicle. Upon further discussion Deputies determined the occupants to be under the influence and according to Sheriff Royal a search turned up explosives and illegal weapons.

“Bradley Watkins did have drug paraphernalia in the car, but he had large fireworks explosive devices in the car; what are commonly known as M80s and M100s. These are like small sticks of dynamite. The passenger was found to be under the influence of a controlled substance as well as being in possession of what is known as a dirk or a dagger. He had a knife with a blade over four inches long that was concealed in his clothing.”

Bradley Watkins was booked on the charge of carrying the concealed dagger and being under influence and John Burke was charged with possessing the explosives and possession of a control substance paraphernalia. Both were booked into the Wayne Brown correctional Facility.

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