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Extensive Vandalism on NU Campus

Nevada County Sheriff’s deputies are asking for your help in recovering stolen property from the campus of Nevada Union High School. Sheriff Keith Royal says they have no suspects in extensive damage done last week inside classrooms where fire extinguishers were opened and derogatory comments against NU were spray painted on walls. Sherriff Royal says they also vandalized vehicles parked at the school, Thursday night.

“Ten vehicles that were parked on the campus had their windows broken and there were dents to the sides. It looks like they used large rocks to break out the windows. Also, three golf carts were stolen. One was recovered at the campus, one was recovered down the road and there’s still one missing and we’re asking if anybody has any information on who the responsible in this case is, please contact the Sheriff’s office.”

If you have any information regarding the perpetrators of the vandalism or the location of the missing golf cart, you can call the Sheriff’s office at 265-1471.

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