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Fair Board To Re-Visit Elephant Issue

The issue of elephant rides at the fair will be re-visited when the Nevada County Fairgrounds Board meets tomorrow (Tuesday). After several protests from animal rights groups, and a two-hour meeting last month, the board decided not to cancel the contract with ‘Have Trunk Will Travel’, which will provide the elephants. Fairgrounds Chief Executive Officer Sandy Woods says board members want to explain their thinking on the matter…

Listen to Sandy Woods

Woods says she visited a fair in the San Diego area that has had elephant rides for years without issue, but Catherine Doyle with the Performing Animal Welfare Society (or PAWS), which has three animal sanctuaries in northern California, and cares for elephants, says in addition to cruelty that elephants often endure, elephant rides are a safety issue…

Listen to Catherine Doyle

The meeting is at 4pm at the Fairgrounds, in Ponderosa Hall.

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