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Fatal Accident and Injury Accidents Keep CHP Busy

A fatal accident on Highway 174 Saturday morning was the most serious of three injury related accidents that occurred over the second weekend of the 4th of July holiday. CHP Officer Greg Tassone says the fatal accident on Highway 174 on the Chicago Park-side of the Bear River Bridge occurred around 9:30 AM Saturday and involved twins and longtime Colfax area residents, Donald and Daniel Bisbee in a collision with a Hansen Bros Cement mixer. The pickup truck heading towards Colfax driven by Donald Bisbee entered a turn at the same time the cement truck heading towards Grass Valley lost control.
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48 year old Donald Bisbee succumbed to his injuries at the scene. His twin brother, Daniel Bisbee was airlifted to Sutter Roseville Trauma Center for treatment of head trauma. The driver of the cement mixer was also airlifted for treatment. Traffic controls were in place for 5 hours while the truck was up-righted and the southbound lane cleared. The accident remains under investigation.

On Friday evening around 8:15 PM on Oak Meadows Road- a private road in Nevada County- a child riding with a babysitter on a Honda Sport Trax ATV, was sent to the hospital. The three year old child, while sitting on the drivers lap, began to interfere with the driver.
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The accident is under investigation by the CHP because of the serious injuries.

And an incident Saturday night involved a motorcycle versus deer on the North San Juan Ridge. Officer Tassone says the deer entered the roadway directly in front of the motorcycle on Oak Tree Road near New School Road.
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The rider was wearing appropriate safety gear but received serious injuries and was airlifted to Sutter Roseville Trauma Center.
Tassone says a number of other non-injury accidents occurred over the weekend as well.

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July 8, 2013


Thank you KNCO for reporting the local news - you are a better source than The Union.

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