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Fatal Crash Involving Firefighters

Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened in a fatal accident near Camptonville. Around one o’clock Saturday morning, a vehicle driving westbound on Marysville Road near Old Toll Road struck a pedestrian who was lying down in the roadway. Highway Patrol Officer Greg Tassone says the driver didn’t see the man, but an oncoming vehicle tried to warn him…

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The driver and pedestrian were both Tahoe National Forest firefighters. The pedestrian has been identified as 32 year-old Michael Kelly the Second of Camptonville, who served as a smoke jumper. At first, the driver thought he had hit an animal, and called 9-1-1 to report it. Tassone says they are still investigating what Kelly was doing in the road…

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The driver was 26 year-old Andrew Gruenberg of San Diego. Tassone says there’s no evidence that it was a prank gone wrong, but alcohol was involved.  No arrests have been made yet, pending toxicology results and further investigation.

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