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FBI Arrests Grass Valley Bank Robber Dubbed Fedora Bandit

DAVID GRIFFITH OSBORNE age 74, has been arrested as the Fedora Bandit by the FBI. According to the criminal complaint, Osborne was charges with committing armed bank robbery on seven occasions, seven counts, in that on each occasion by force, intimidation, and violence, he unlawfully took, from the  an employee, money in the possession of a federally insured bank, and in doing so used a dangerous weapon, that is, a handgun,

Osborne is accused of entering the Bank of the West branch on Taylorville Road, in Grass Valley on December 22nd of 2009 taking over 12 thousand dollars. Osborne is believed to have returned to the same Grass Valley Bank of the West Branch on March 31 of 2010, this time taking. The disguise-wearing bank robber stole more than 34 hundred dollars. Osborne who targeted Bank of the West locations in Nevada County, Yuba County in California as well as in the state of Nevada was arrested according to the FBI’s Special Agent Steve Dupre on unrelated charges.

DNA gathered at the insistence of the Grass Valley Police Department at the time of the local robberies is credited with linking the suspect to the bank robberies. Known as the “fedora bandit” for his penchant for disguising himself in a old-fashioned hat, dark sunglasses and fake beard. The suspect has only hit Bank of the West in his four-month crime spree.

These robberies were being investigated by the Grass Valley Police Department, the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, the Gridley-Biggs Police Department, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Osborne is in federal prison on narcotics charges in Lompoc. No date has been set for his appearance in federal court in Sacramento yet.


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