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Federal Government Plans to Close Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says recent actions by the Federal government to close some medical marijuana shops are on the right track. Several of the US Attorneys in California have joined together to announce the closure of medical marijuana dispensaries in the central valley. The US Attorney says the shops are turning massive profits in their sales of commercial marijuana. Sheriff Royal says an explosion of growing operation has happened in this county.

“The commercial growing of marijuana in our county has exploded. Some are referred to as the new Emerald Triangle and so it makes it difficult for law enforcement to take action in trying to control this activity because it does have a negative impact on the surrounding communities. I think this is a step in the right direction.”

Some law enforcement officials say it is not who is growing marijuana in Nevada County; it who is who is not growing pot. The Sheriff is hoping the recent announcement will help in closing down the commercial for-profit operations. The Sheriff says he has no intention of dealing with the medical needs of patients.

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