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Felon Arrested for Providing False Identification

A man trying to hide his identity was unsuccessful and landed in jail. CHP Public Information Officer Heather Blancarte says 33 year old Danny Kellog of Reno was found speeding on Highway 20 near Rex Reservoir, late Monday night. The officer asked Kellog for his driver’s license, he said he did not have it with him and gave a name and a date of birth. The Officer could not match the name and the license. Officer Blancarte says the Officer kept searching for the man s real identity.

“Upon a search of this person for his identification, the officer obtained information that he was possible a different person. He was taken into custody for providing false identification.”

33 year old Danny Kellogg of Reno was identified and arrested for several felony warrants for his arrest from other counties. He was also arrested for suspicion of using some else’s identity which is a felony.

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