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Felon Rearrested for Climbing Airport Tower on a Dare

A local man is under arrest after Sheriff’s Deputies found him climbing a hundred foot tower at the airport on a dare. Sheriff Keith Royal says deputies went to the airport to a report of people yelling at the landing strip, Saturday evening. Deputies found a 22 year old man climbing down the tower. The Sheriff says the man started running through the blackberry bushes and fell face first on the ground. The man had been drinking prior to climbing the tower.

“Quite obviously, and by his own admission, he’d had a lot to drink and had been dared by some of his friends to climb the tower. Ironically, he was also on felony probation and two of the requirements are he’s not to consume alcohol and he’s not supposed to be out between the hours of 9:00 in the evening and 7:00 in the morning.”

The Sheriff says the man was taken into custody for suspicion of being under the influence and violation of probation.


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