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Felony Vandalism Arrest Follows Road Rage

It started as a road rage incident near Bear River High School, and turned into an arrest for vandalism. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says a teenager was driving to school last week, when a driver cut him off…

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Royal says the suspect followed the student into the Bear River parking lot, and waited until he left…

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Another student saw him do it and called the Sheriff’s office with the vehicle description. Myers was arrested yesterday (Monday), and booked on felony vandalism charges.

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March 25, 2014

Warren McGee

I have traveled Magnolia road twice a day for the last two years taking and picking up my Grand Daughter from Magnolia Intermediate School. I have seen more morons in that school zone road that should not be allowed to be on the road, this morning included. I would like to see a CHP Officer there in the morning and after school, just once in a while to see what goes on during those times. It is not the kids driving that is the problem it is the so called adults that need a wake up call. I would pay extra tax dollars to support a fund just for that purpose, it is time.

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