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Fewer Dollars for County Road Maintenance

People aren’t driving as much with the higher gas prices,  that coupled with declining federal dollars means less  money available  for fixing county  roads.  Steve Castleberry, the Nevada County Director of Public Works says   elimination of  State and Federal funding programs, coupled with a decrease in gas tax revenues, has reduced road revenues to Nevada County by nearly $1 million per year.  The result has been a slow degradation of the County’s overall pavement condition.  This is particularly noticeable on our most rural unpaved roads, where maintenance activities are infrequent.
Castleberry says next week the county roads crews will be starting  annual summer road maintenance .
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In August and September, county road crews will get underway with  chip seal work and will be focusing  on Cascade Shores, Magnolia Road, Spenceville Road, and Tyler Foote Road.

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May 15, 2012

mike perry

when will they be finishing up the project on hwy. 49 and la barr meadows?????

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