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FFA Students Participate in Agriculture Day Rally at Capitol

Students participating in Future Farmers of America programs from both Nevada Union High School and Bear River High School made the trek to the Capitol Wednesday to be part of the Agriculture Day rally calling for the protection of state funding for careers in agriculture. Local Senator Jim Neilsen along with Assembly member Rudy Salas of Bakersfield are pushing the passage of Assembly Bill 2033 to continue funding the Ag Incentive Grant Program.
Click here to listen to Senator Jim Neilsen

Neilsen initially introduced the legislation that created the Agricultural Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program in 1983 and after 31 years Future Farmers of America is proof that it is still going strong and has been a benefit to the entire state.*
Click here to listen to Senator Jim Neilsen

Nevada Union and Bear River recently demonstrated how successful their programs are while competing at UC Davis and Chico State.

In this year’s state budget, the Governor recommended that the Legislature take dedicated funding for ag education and transfer it to school districts’ funding allocations, essentially eliminating the incentive to continue operating ag education programs. Eliminating the Ag Grant funding would severely impact FFA’s ability to operate programs and activities.

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