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Fiber Optics Coming to Colfax

Wave Division Holdings, the Broadband cable company known as Wave Broadband is expanding to the city of Colfax. With a presents in Rocklin, Loomis, New Castle, Lincoln, Penryn and Auburn, the company has picked up smaller companies like star stream and Charter and is now looking to expand through the city limits of Colfax. According to city Manager Bruce Kranz says the company will be bringing cable with speeds up to 50 megs for commercials businesses bringing service to 800 to 900 homes. Kranz says it will bring people from the Bay Area up to Colfax.

“I think that it’s really going to help this city because we have a lot of people that would love to live in the City of Colfax, but their business requires them to be able to get on the internet, especially Bay Area folks that would love to get out of the Bay Area.”

Kranz says the company has already leased the fiber optic cable in the area. They will need to install some equipment in the area and expects to offer the service to local customers in April of 2012.

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