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Fifteen Pipe Bombs Found in Nevada City

A transient was found to have a number of pipe bombs in his back pack that could have injured or killed people. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says 56 year old Stuart Pfeiff of Nevada City had been camping off New Town Road. Neighbors saw him going through their cars and call deputies, Saturday night. Deputies found Pfeiff hiding behind a home. A short distance away a back pack was found hidden behind a fence. The Sheriff says when the Deputies searched the back pack they found what they thought were pipe bombs in side.

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The Sheriff described the pipe bombs as being made from plastic pipe with a cap on each end and a fuse coming out of one of the caps. He said each of the bombs could have cause critical injury or death. The Placer County Sheriff’s Explosive Teams took charge of the explosives. Pfeiff was taken into custody for charges related to the possession of the explosive devices, violation of probation and possession of a sawed off shotgun.

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