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Fight Breaks Out at the Court House

A Grass Valley man was arrested after he attacked another in a Nevada county courtroom Wednesday. Nevada County Sheriff Kieth Royal says a man was addressing the judge in court when another man, entered the courtroom, sat behind the victim and without provocation reached around and punched the man in the mouth.

“A fight ensues. The court attendant, along with an off duty Deputy Sheriff from Sacramento County who tried to detain our suspect until our deputies do get into our courtroom. Our suspect fights with the deputies and they have to actually apply their taser in what we call a dry stun. They apply it to his buttocks area and he immediately says ‘I give up. I’m through.’ The officers then take him into custody.”

Authorities discovered that the 2 men have an ongoing dispute. The suspect, Ian Pocock, 30 years old of Grass Valley was charged with 2 felonies, one of which is burglary in the 2nd degree. Sheriff Royal explains how burglary is charged in this situation.

“In this case you have a burglary where someone enters the structure with the intent to commit a specific kind of crime that’s specified in the statue, and in this case, that was to commit great bodily injury to a person, which is a felony.”

The other charges were Battery and fighting in a public place. Pocock was booked into the Wayne Brown correctional Facility.

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