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Fight with Axe Handle and Fence Posts Lands two in Jail

A fight involving men with fence posts and axe handles lands two suspects in jail. On Saturday afternoon police responded to a Stennett Street address following a call of a fight involving some sort of weapons. Lt Alex Gammelgard says that officers made contact with multiple suspects.¬† One of the suspects was identified as the victim’s brother.

Click here to listen to Lt. Alex Gammelgard

Gammelegard says that a second suspect joined the altercation and eventually the victim defended himself.

Click here to listen to Lt. Alex Gammelgard

The victim’s brother, Harold Anderson¬† and William Weeks were taken into custody for assault with a deadly weapon.

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July 15, 2014


Most of the neighbors who were witness to the incident that led to Mr. Weeks arrest and subsequent release (without being charged)can attest to the fact that the men with the ax handles do not live in the neighborhood, and were aggressive and threatening. The altercation would be better described as mutual affray. The men who were arrested could be described as defending themselves, their property and their neighborhood from several angry, hostile, strangers who were terrorizing the residents of Stennett St..

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