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Film Crews Take Over Holbrook for One Night of Ghost Hunting

Film crew including paranormal specialists are preparing to leave the Holbrooke Hotel this morning after spending a full night hunting for ghosts and spirits in the iconic hotel.  Lisa Austin and her husband Michael are filming a television pilot for cable TV featuring nurses and females as the lead investigators. 

“I have had some experience as far as feeling ghosts or something like that for most of my life. My husband and I, just for fun, we would do investigations and record and film and see what we could find and we thought it would be interesting if we did put something different as far as a paranormal show together.”

Throughout the night the team used digital records, a spirit board and EMS technology to search for ghosts. Lisa says she got the strongest feeling for a presence of others in the Mark Twain room in the Holbrooke Upstairs.  She says there is a lot of history in the hotel but she did not feel anything sinister.

“We have heard some of the stories but not some of the specific rooms and we didn’t request rooms. The owner was the one to kind of pick rooms for us to base out of to put our equipment and it happened to be those rooms and I thought that was interesting because I started to realize that he put us in those rooms for a reason.”

Lisa and her husband are with Outback productions and will begin editing their film and hope to have the pilot ready for air soon.

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