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Film Industry Contributes To Economy

Kermit the Frog helps contribute toward California’s economy- and Beverly Lewis, director of the Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office for Placer County, doesn’t want the state to lose that and other benefits of film-making.
Lewis says incentives for filmmakers offered by other states and countries have helped lead to the loss of $3 billion dollars and 90,000 jobs. State lawmakers approved a five-year film and television credit program in 2009 and new legislation would extend the effort for two years.
Lewis notes the Disney film “The Muppets” is among movies with scenes filmed in Placer County and that payroll taxes for movie crews help pay for police, fire schools and other services in the state.
Placer’s part in the picture came because of the range of the county’s terrain.

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Placer provided plains as well as a mountain range.

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The 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “True Lies” and “Phenomenon” in 1996 with John Travolta are among other pictures filmed in Placer County.

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