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Finding homes for Pit Bulls

The population of pit bulls in our area has led to many unwanted dogs dropped off at local shelters or neglected by their owners. In an effort to reduce the population without putting the dogs down, Scooters Pals has offered the free spay and neuter program and now during the holiday’s Susan Wallace with Scooter’s Pals says they will be giving pit bull dogs away, waving their regular adoption fees.

“If you see a pittbulls on our website or an adoptathon. If you’re looking for a sweet little pitty and would like to do that in time for holidays and want to do it without an adoption fee, we’re your rescue.”

Wallace says they just took on 4 more pit bull dogs from a home in Sacramento that was hoarding dogs and is trying to find homes for them for the holidays. If you are interested in adopting a dog contact Scooters Pals at 350-2099.


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