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Fire Crews Honored for Emergency Response

Three engine strike teams from the Eldorado/Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Plumas and Tahoe National Forests were recognized by the Regional Forester as Honor Award recipients recently for their emergency response to the Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs, Colorado in late June.
TNF Supervisor, Tom Quinn, said that from the moment the strike team arrived they made a significant impact on the fire. Quinn was assigned as the Agency Administrator and arrived the day after his crews.


Click here to listen to TNF Supervisor Tom Quinn

Quinn said northern California crews acted quickly and in some cases took what appeared to be drastic action to protect homes that had not yet started burning.
Click here to listen to TNF Supervisor Tom Quinn

The crews decisive and aggressive actions directly contributed to the 80% survival rate of residences impacted by the fire.

The Strike Teams were also specifically recognized for their efforts by the President of the United States when he toured the Waldo Canyon Fire on June 29, 2012.

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