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Fire Destroys Nevada City Garage

New residents to the Nevada City area only got to live in their home for three weeks before it erupted in flames. Consolidated Fire Battalion Chief Spike Newby says four fire engines and two water tenders went to a home on Caledonia Way Monday afternoon. Chief Newby says the firefighting efforts were hampered because of   a narrow one lane driveway almost a half mile lone going to the home.

“One of the things that hampered our operation somewhat was the narrow, one lane gravel road into the fire. We had to stack engines in there and then we had to shuttle water tenders in. You can’t drive in and turn around and drive out. It extends enough in the time it takes to back in and back out of those locations.”

Chief Newby says the fire fighters contained the fire to the garage. The inside of the home suffered smoke damage.  Also after several searches, fire fighters found a little boy’s dog hiding in a back portion of the home. Chief Newby says the animal was revived and returned to a very happy boy. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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