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Fire District Board Correcting Appointment Process

The Nevada County Consolidated Fire District Board admits inadvertently missing a step in the appointment process when they appointed a new director. The vacancy opened when Bob Rhodes submitted his resignation in August.

At the September 19th meeting, last week, the Board passed a resolution accepting Rhodes resignation and decided to appoint Ronald Pennington to fill the vacancy. The appointment turned out to be premature.

Nevada County Elections Office Senior Clerk Elise Strickler explains Government Code that Special Districts must follow to fill vacant seats.
Click here to listen to Elise Strickler

Board President, Warren Knox, says the Board made an error and has already taken measures to rectify the situation.
Click here to listen to Board President, Warren Knox

At this time the appointment of Pennington is not valid. However, by posting the notice, the Board is moving forward.
Click here to listen to Board President, Warren Knox

The elections office has given all information to the Nevada County Counsel who is office will monitor the situation.

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