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Fire Districts Interested in Consolidation

A scoping meeting  with the heads of local fire districts facilitated by Supervisor Hank Weston on Tuesday found there is interest for consolidation of the business end of  local fire districts.
Click here to listen to Hank Weston

Cal Fire, US Forest Service and Truckee Fire Departments sat in on the talks for information only.  Just two districts, Rough and Ready and Ophir Hill said they were fine with the way their fire departments were currently structured, but the eight other districts said they wanted to meet again.  Weston says   a closed door session with a fire chief or top official and up to two board members from each department  will be held January 22nd at the Rood center.
Click here to listen to Hank Weston

Weston says he will also invite a   county financial official to sit in on the meeting to answer questions..  Weston says he is hopeful the fire districts will be able to meet every two weeks until they get the job done. The fire districts that will join the talks are Grass Valley, Nevada City, Nevada County Consolidated, Penn Valley, North San Juan, Higgins, Chicago Park, and Peardale Fire Departments.

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