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Fire Officials Concerned About Escaped Burn Piles

Fire officials are becoming concerned about escaped debris burning piles. Consolidated Fire Chief Tim Fike says people are not clearing enough of a area around their burning piles and allowing the fires to escape. Chief Fike says his department and Cal Fire have responded to a number of fires in the last several days were the fire had gotten much bigger than the resident wanted.

“It’s the folks that underestimate the conditions right now and don’t have adequate clearance around their piles. We have seen a few escapes in the last week or so and I know Calfire has been very active in escaped debris burns as well.”

Fire fighters do not normally respond to as many debris burn escape fires during the winter season. The dry conditions have allowed the debris fires to escape the property owner control very quickly, thus prompting the calls. The fire departments for help in controlling out of control burn piles.

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