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Fire Safe Council Christmas Gift Ideas

The Fire Safe council of Nevada County has some novel ideas for the practical minded gift giver this year. Executive Director Joann Drummond says Why not give the gift of safety with a Heavy Duty Fire Retardant Tarp, a Sustaining Membership from the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County or a simple reflective address sign.

“I can’t tell you how many times local firefighters tell me how much they appreciate those signs, particularly for medical calls at 2:00 in the morning. So moments matter and those signs can really help emergency help reach your home quickly.”

The reflective signs are $30 dollars in come in a few different colors. Drummond says their fire safe tarps are heavy and last longer than regular tarps and the Fire safe council is also still offering the reduce CAL-Star membership through the council and a membership to the Fire safe county helps the entire community.

“Maybe somebody’s got chipping to do, it gives them priority service, and again, for some people that everything, it’s a nice contribution to make to the community because our efforts benefit everyone.”

To learn more about the fire safe council of Nevada County go to are you safe .com or call 272-1122.

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