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Fire Safe Council of Nevada County Gets Grant

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County has just  received a $25,500 grant award from the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District. Council Executive Director, Joanne Drummond says the grant will be used to fund the popular Defensible Space Chipping Program.
Click here to listen to Joanne Drummond

Drummond says materials to be chipped will need a few days to dry out after the recent rain so that the material will go through the chipper without clogging.  But, she says people can sign up now to get on the list for service.
Click here to listen to Joanne Drummond

The program rotates throughout Nevada County neighborhoods based on a first-come, first-served basis.  To receive priority chipping service, people may become a Sustaining Member of the Fire Safe Council for service, generally within two weeks. The chipping program is available to all Nevada County residents regardless of their ability to pay. The Fire Safe Council suggest a donation of $75 per  hour for chipping services received to help ensure the program can continue when grant funding is not available or insufficient to fully fund the program.

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